Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Decowraps Social & Environmental Responsibility

While our slogan “Enhancing Special Moments” mainly refers to the event of giving/receiving flowers and/or plants, Decowraps has also set it upon itself to enhance all of it’s activities to become more sustainable and socially responsible.

With the help of the subsequent global organisations, each with their own field of expertise, always aiming to be moving forward, Decowraps proudly sports the following certificates :

Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI)

All members of the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) adopt the ETI Base code of labour practice, which is based on the standards of the International Labour Organisation. These standards are constantly evolving into further improvement for the living and working conditions of the factories in low cost production countries. 

Since 2007 Decowraps is a proud member and certificate bearer of the ETI, making sure that every person who works for Decowraps, is ensured of living wages and proper working conditions.

In order to view the ETI base code, please click on the following link :

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)

Every minute the world loses 36 football fields worth of forest, this deforestation causing 15% of the yearly CO² emissions globally. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation that provides an alternative by executing responsible forest management.

FSC is a complete system, not just looking after the well-being of the forests, but also making sure that both the animals, local population and workers are treated correctly.

By using FSC graded paper, Decowraps contributes in protecting our forests in over 80 countries over the world, safeguarding these for future generations.

To learn more about how FSC operates, please click on the following link :

Decowraps FSC-C131680

BREEAM – Sustainable Building

BREEAM is the international standard for sustainable building. BREEAM provides advice and certification based on 9 factors, making sure the most integrated sustainable choices are being made. These factors are : Energy, Health, Innovation, Land Use, Materials, Pollution, Transport, Waste & Water.

The new Decowraps European office & warehouse in Aalsmeer (NL) has been officially opened on November 8th, 2017 and has applied for the 4-star BREEAM Excellent rating, making it one of the most sustainable buildings on today’s market. On the digital information board at our entrance, you can check in real time our building’s performance on sustainability goals.

Come and have a look!

New Building Decowraps Europe