Harmonica Potcover – Full Paper & Full Flexibility

5 February 2021

Harmonica Potcover – Full Paper & Full Flexibility

The plant industry is a diverse industry, also very diverse in terms of grower pot sizes.

There are countless variations of the 12cm grower pot for example and for any added value, it is extremely important that it fits perfectly.

The Harmonica potcover is an elastic potcover that can fit anywhere between a 10,5cm and 13cm grower pot and deals easily with any variation in between.

As often with potcovers, there is a compromise in either handling or freight.

Either these are supplied flat and still need to be assembled at the grower, taking precious time in production. Or the potcovers are packed pre-made & nested into bulky boxes, thereby being expensive in freight.

The Harmonica Potcover is supplied in closed form, thereby reducing the volume in freight by 75%.

Upon arrival at the grower, the flexible Harmonica is easily wrapped around a grower pot, giving a finished and sustainable look without much ado.

An important bonus is that the Harmonica potcover is made completely from kraft paper, presenting the market with a lightweight, renewable and fully recyclable potcover.

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