Looking Ahead: 3 Floriculture Valentine Trends for 2021

14 February 2020

It's Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air! But in our industry, many people work up to a year ahead. Which is why we already want to share some of the upcoming Valentine trends, to seduce your customers in 2021!

Inspired by love decorations we see on cakes, cookies and lollipops this theme expresses love to that special someone in a very cheerful, positive and playful way. Using funny texts, quirky illustrations and witty ideas. Wild, playful bouquets and even fake flowers are on the rise! Next to colours like bubble-gum, candy, blush and bright pinks, strawberry and raspberry reds, we catch our significant other by surprise and brighten up this lovely day.


Meaning the love and care for our planet and finding ways to create less waste, in this trend we see many handcrafted and natural elements. In the coming year, we don’t seem to look so much for grand gestures, but rather the small ones that really count. So when it’s about matters of the heart, we like to emphasize on heartfelt and sentimental gifts which are also gentle to our planet. We go back to the basics, Scandinavian and Japanese influences (Scandinese or Japandi) and appreciate their Ikigai and Hygge. We express our feelings with dried flowers, hidden personalization, unisex gifts, and stories or memories of our time spent together. Colours like hints of lavender, soft greys and pinks combined with neutral naturals express our true and authentic love. 


More and more we let mysticism provide guidance in love and life, allowing it to navigate us through our daily lives. Crystals, tarot card readings, astrology: our love was written in the stars! We like to mesmerize with magic love potions, spell candles, wonderful diffusers and aroma therapy. Because playing with light, sense and fragrances create sensory experiences which will enchant our lover. Metallic finishes on leaves and flowers, glitter and shine, melted and moulded looks in ceramics and metals, celestial and geometrical inspired motifs and patterns are coloured with crystal tones, golds and dark blue.


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