One Step Forward - Together Towards a Circular Economy

8 October 2020

One Step Forward

Closer to a Sustainable World

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Currently the plastics based single use linear economy, result into the emission of greenhouse gases by using fossil feedstocks for plastics, as well as an annual 150.000 to 500.000 tons of plastic waste are leaked into the oceans within the European Union itself.

This cannot continue and it must change.

The European Union has set out a strategy to transition into a circular economy, based on the following principles:

  • Reduce
  • Re-Use
  • Renewable
  • Recycle
  • Recyclable

These principles are our roadmap to a better world. Making packaging items recyclable and using recycled content, adds value to waste, giving an additional incentive to keep waste out of the environment and within a closed loop.

Together with using renewable materials, which are being maintained within the chain for as many cycles as possible, reducing the demand for new feedstocks and de-coupling completely from fossil fuels, helping to combat global warming.

These are the fundamentals which make the circular economy the far better option for our society and environment.

One Step Forward

There is a tendency to focus on the imperfections of more sustainable items, and naturally cost can be a factor, withholding too often to take the already available steps.

Whilst packaging can be vital for product conservation and therefore sustainability in a convenience economy, a large portion of our flexible packaging is fossil based and currently unrecyclable.

There is however within our floral industry, and the purposes floral packaging is used for, already an abundance of better options out there which are not being used enough. They might not be perfect (yet), but already present one or multiple step(s) forward towards a circular economy.

We have thoroughly researched the market in terms of recyclability, some local difference aside, there is a focus on what is actually being collected and recycled, instead of what is technically possible.

The Campaign 

Decowraps has set up the One Step Forward campaign to activate the market, undertake the steps already available to us. Within the brochure, we explain the possibilities that are on our shelves and ready to go. 

We are ready to help out in developing, marketing and trialing these items. 

Together we can make the change, and move closer to a circular economy! 

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