The future is bright: sustainable & colourful

2 June 2020

In order to minimize the environmental impact of packaging, it is imperative that we reduce where we can, but in the fast convenience driven economy, also use as much renewable materials which can be recycled as many times as possible.

There is a quest for the holy grail in sustainable materials, but within this we tend to forget the options that are already on the table.

We already need to work in solutions that provide an immediate improvement, a direct step forward in sustainability.


While many countries in Europe have now set up a plastics recycling structure, but when we look at the actual recycling rates of plastic film, the statistics are encouraging but nowhere near where we would need to be, like on the level of……paper.

Europe’s champion in recycling, paper took first place by an average recycling rate of 85,8%, with metal (78,3%) & glass (74,1%) coming in 2nd and 3rd.


Paper is primarily made of wood (other raw materials are on the rise as well) and therefor a renewable material, checking both boxes of the circular model.

Decowraps has been one of the first to use FSC-certified paper and pro-actively only offers it’s major paper product categories only in FSC-certified paper, covering the sustainable production & supply chain aspect, the conditions on which paper can be called sustainable.


Last year we have launched a full Natural paper in the Elm Sleeve, Teak Prefold and Maple Skirt, with the emphasis on Natural, as that was the only color we started with. The success has been very encouraging, so we decided to add some color to them.

We found 50gsm was the best balance between the harsh elements within the floral supply chain and most lightweight in packaging for optimal sustainability.

This summer Decowraps has added 4 brand new colors to the Elm, Teak and Maple range.

Together we can make our future bright, sustainable and more colorful!

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