About Decowraps

About Decowraps


Since 1999, Decowraps has been committed to the success of our extended family. Whether for our customers, their suppliers, our employees, or even the floral industry itself, we love seeing their progress and success.

Decowraps' objective has been to supply the floral industry with the most innovative packaging products, focusing mainly on modern retail organizations and their suppliers around the world. Our goal is to enhance special moments for the end consumer by offering our customers solutions to make their business more successful.

As a result of global sourcing, vertical integration and superior, personalized customer service, we built a reputation as a leading supplier of distinctive packaging options for all levels fresh cut flowers and potted plants.

Our proven process has allowed us to assure to our customers that we stand behind our work, and if there are issues, we will address them on our dime.

Our marketing team has created this website as a tool for you to generate programs that will heighten your consumers interest by recognizing a greater perceived value and infuse a new level of excitement to your products.

Thanks to our affiliated sales and warehouse facilities in Alsmeer, Bogota, Miami, Mississauga, Nevada, Quito and Kenya; we are able to offer prompt service, simplified logistics and competitive pricing. Our affiliated production facilities in Colombia and China provide all production needs.

Our in-house design staff creates quality products that are always fresh, innovative and on trend for all seasons and holidays. We pride ourselves in offering countless patterns and designs in addition to going above and beyond to satisfy our clients with custom creations. Most of our products are customizable in material size and design. Every over in attended to with a clear understanding of your needs, awareness of your deadlines and the highest level of integrity. At Decowraps we are motivated to create with you beautiful programs that are entirely coordinated around your needs. We offer you the comfort and assurance that your packaging is of the highest quality and it is always attended with a clear understanding of your requests, awareness of your deadlines, and the utmost level of integrity.