The global Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect families, businesses and communities alike. Throughout these unprecedented times, consumers are constantly bombarded with negative news alerts. As a result, widespread hysteria is currently surrounding COVID-19.

In spite of these troubling reports, the floral industry has the power now more than ever to instill hope in consumers on a global level. Decowraps would like to take this opportunity to promote our beloved floral industry, all the while giving back to those affected by COVID-19.

We’ve partnered with the CDC Foundation to create various on-trend sleeve and pick designs which promote positive messages of comfort and reassurance. By purchasing items from this packaging collection, you will help support their COVID-19 response efforts.

Through this partnership, Decowraps will donate 8% of its net proceeds from the Floral Relief Packaging Collection to the CDC Foundation. We invite growers, grocers and retailers to make additional donations through our Crowd Funding pages: Floral Relief Fund - US or Floral Relief Fund - Canada.

Please make sure to "Donate with Team." Select "Floral Relief Fund - US" from the dropdown menu in order to allocate funds for U.S. response needs, and "Floral Relief Fund - Canada" to allocate funds for Canadian response needs.

To view the full presentation, including all sleeve and pick designs, please click here.FloralReliefPresentationMockup2.jpg


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