2018 - 2019 Trends Forecast

Every year at Decowraps we forecast future trends in design, colors and materials. In order to make these predictions, our graphic designers attend trade shows around the globe. This research is what inspires us when creating our annual stock line as well as custom programs. Stay ahead of the curve and find out how these key trends will influence the floral industry and gain ideas on how to differentiate yourself from the competition!

Last year we unveiled our 2018-2019 trends forecast. From High Shine to Raw Authenticity, we’ve already spotted countless predictions. The trend that is bound to dominate summer 2018, however, is undoubtedly Tropical Weave.

This earthy organic trend incorporates oversized plant motifs with furnishings crafted from cork. Patterns reference materials found in nature, while other playful elements are featured such as cacti, flamingos and pineapples. Not only do materials and patterns play a major role with this trend, but colors as well. Bright earth colors such as green, mustard, deep orange and pink are highlighted.

In reference to the packaging industry, be sure to be on the lookout for terracotta containers, baskets and kraft paper with organic patterns. Decowraps’ products such as the Palmier Reversa, Flamingo Pick and Artisan Sleeve perfectly compliment this ongoing trend!

We offer a wide range of products, colors, designs, sizes and trends to beautifully style your flowers and plants.

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