Introducing Our First CFO

9 July 2021

As Decowraps continues to expand, we create new opportunities to help us stay efficient and organized. That’s why we’ve hired Felipe Condessa to occupy our brand-new role of Global Chief Financial Officer (CFO)! Right from the start Felipe is bright-eyed and full of questions, eager to learn more about the floral and potted packaging industry. His collaborative spirit showed when he told us, “So far I’ve learned something new from every meeting I’ve had with everyone.” With his extensive experience in countries like Brazil, Spain, and the US, we are confident that Felipe will make a valuable asset to our team by managing our financial operations worldwide. 

Read our interview with Felipe below to learn more:  


Q: Let’s start by getting to know you. Tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from.

A: I’m from Brazil, but I have been living in [the] USA since 2015. [I’ve been] married with Juliana for 25 years and I have 2 daughters (Bruna, 25 YO and Paula, 20 YO). 


Q: What company and industry were you working in before joining Decowraps?

A: I spent almost 29 years at the same organization: Thyssenkrupp Elevator. My last 6 years as CFO BU Latin America [were] based in Alpharetta, GA. 


Q: What attracted you to join a floral-focused company, and Decowraps specifically? 

A: [A] different industry is always a great opportunity to learn something new and after 29 years at the same business, it was time for new challenges and experiences. Since my first interaction with Decowraps I could feel the passion that people dedicate to this company, as well as some similarities with the culture I came from. [Decowraps is a] service-oriented company, that encourages a problem solver mindset with strong focus and respect for people. 


Q: Describe your new role and what you hope to accomplish as Decowraps’ new Global CFO? 

A: [I want to] work together with the team to accelerate growth and strengthen strategic planning, financial management, and operations, [while] acting as a business partner to support our company to achieve the targets.



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