Roset Reform

27 January 2020

Rosets: a round type of floral packaging specifically designed for small bouquets. The rosets currently used in our market aren’t sustainable at all, looking at both the production process as well as the materials used. However, due to their shape and form, they are still a favorite in the market. That’s why we decided to find a sustainable alternative. And after thorough research, we found one: the Recycled Paper Pulp Roset!

Decowraps Bewerkt-00103.jpg

The idea started off in Asia, seeing many factories that use paper pulp for electronic hardware packaging. After investigating the use of this material, we found that it is mainly used to protect, carry and present the products. Which were exactly the requirements we were looking for.

During the research phase, we found that the current Roset is the least sustainable product group on the market. Plastic (BOPP) laminated onto Kraft paper makes it difficult to process in the paper recycling streams, giving it a high CO2footprint.

The goal was simple: the sustainable alternative needed to be recyclable at the least. The Recycled Paper Pulp Roset is made from recycled cardboard; old boxes and other cardboard waste brought back to a pulp, simply by using water. But with water came the next problem: the paper’s suction effect makes it rather unsuitable for floral packaging.  

Not surprisingly, we needed to find a way to improve the water resistance. The answer was a special environmentally friendly liquid that we added to the pulp. This allowed the paper pulp Roset to hold really well in both water and cold temperatures. And the beauty is; after usage, the consumer can still throw it away with other paper waste, allowing it to be re-used in the production process numerous times.

Finally, the sustainable Roset also needed to add value: protection and attraction. The flowers need protection, but the roset also needs to complement the bouquet’s colors and intensify its attractiveness. We gave the Paper Pulp Roset a rough finish on the outside, to emphasize the natural origin. By choosing a smooth & natural finish on the inside, we kept it toned down. No busy patterns or add-ons, just a simple and natural Roset to let the flowers speak for themselves: The Recycled Paper Pulp Roset was born!



Curious? Check out the product here!


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