24 February 2020

Decowraps continues to pursue environmental excellence in all its corporate initiatives. Not only are we committed to developing new and innovative sustainable packaging solutions, but we also seek to implement sustainable solutions in our production facilities as well.

In an effort to destroy air pollutants from the atmosphere, Decowraps is proud to announce that we have added new regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) to our Colombian and Chinese factories.

This new system destroys air toxins, odors and hazardous air pollutants in order to reduce our carbon footprint as well as provide cleaner air for the environment.  

RTOs work through the use of a ceramic bed. This bed is heated from a previous oxidation cycle to preheat the input gases and then partially oxidize them. The gases then enter a combustion chamber that is warmed by an external fuel source in order to reach the target oxidation temperature, ranging between 760 °C (1,400 °F) and 820 °C (1,510 °F).

The result is cleaner air for our employees as well as the planet.

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