Sustainability is our destination
Sustainability is our destination

One Step Closer

to a Sustainable World

Decowraps is Going Green

At Decowraps, we aim to create packaging that will successfully represent your target consumer as well as represent your own brand. With the environmental challenges our world is facing today, massive branding opportunities are emerging simultaneously.

During this unique moment in history, companies are now able to communicate their beliefs directly to consumers - solely through their packaging. Each day, more and more consumers are feeling tremendous amounts of guilt regarding the negative impacts their unceasing consumption has on the planet. Consequently, consumers are choosing brands that will alleviate that guilt and, in some way, create a positive impact on the world. Selecting the right packaging materials will not only have a positive effect on the environment but will also effectively position your brand in the eyes of the consumer.

We´re committed to creating a better planet

We're Committed to Creating a Better Planet

66,750 metres less plastic

Eco-Friendly Products

Decowraps is committed to developing more sustainable packaging solutions in order to combat environmental issues.

66% Of customers

ISO Certified

ISO 14001:2015 helps Decowraps achieve the intended outcomes of our environmental management system which provides value for the environment, the organization itself, and interested parties.


Creating a Sustainable Future

Decowraps has added regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) to our Colombian and Chinese factories in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint as well as provide cleaner air for the environment.



What is Bio-LDPE?

Bio-LDPE is derived from sugarcane and is therefore, 100% biobased. The PE polymer is made when the sugarcane is converted into ethanol. This process is 80% fueled by green energy, generated by burning sugarcane waste production.

This material is 100% recyclable with regular plastics recycling, therefore making it much more suited to be used within the existing plastics recycling processes.

Bio-LDPE also captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which remains stored within the product until burned. These elements combined result in a negative carbon footprint for the raw material Bio-PE.

Decowraps is currently offering this film, formulated with an estimated 60% biobased content. However, a higher biobased content is available upon request.

I'm Green Seal™

I’m Green™ is the brand used to identify products made from renewable resources. Any product that advertises the I’m Green seal will only be released after verification and confirmation of the renewable source percentage that the product contains.

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Material Highlights


Bio-LDPE is 100% recyclable with regular plastics recycling, therefore making it much more suited to be used within the existing plastics recycling processes.

Renewable Resource

Biobased products, like Bio-LDPE, originate from nature and are therefore, considered renewable resources.

Negative Carbon Footprint

By utilizing certain bioplastics like Bio-LDPE, emissions end up being carbon-negative, meaning that more CO₂ is removed from the atmosphere than what is emitted.


Decowraps is currently offering this film formulated with an estimated 60% biobased content. However, a higher biobased content is available upon request.

FSC® Certified Paper


What is FSC® Certified Paper (FSC-C153487)?

FSC® is an important global partner in realizing the ambition of protecting and using forests as an effective climate solution. The organization has a code of conduct designed to achieve their goals by balancing ecological, economic and social aspects related to forestry, all of which are strictly monitored through their chain of custody.

This makes the FSC® certification not only a reliable tool for promoting sustainable forest management, but also a step towards the sustainable production of bio-energy that will help minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

In reference to Global Warming, deforestation is one of the greatest threats to the world. Simply said, trees serve as CO, warehouses which keep from warming up the earth's atmosphere.

Irresponsibly produced paper will lead to trees being cut down for paper production without any thought or concern for replacing these trees. This is why Decowraps offers stock designs utilizing FSC® certified paper (FSC-C153487), thereby guaranteeing sustainably produced packaging.

Eco Wraps


What are Eco Wraps?

Eco Wraps are specifically designed to protect roses during transit. Made from virgin White Top Kraft Line Paper, this product utilizes a new biobased material which provides our planet with yet another sustainable packaging alternative.

Made with an FDA approved fluorine-free, water-based coating, Eco Wraps create a strong barrier between the paper 8 humidity which ensures the protection of your flowers.

This innovative product is recyclable, and made from biodegradable 8 compostable materials. Unlike other eco-friendly wrapping solutions already on the market, Eco
Wraps save up to 55% of the materials used when compared to products like single-face corrugated sheets.

According to AFIF (the Association of Floral Importers in Florida) in 2019 alone, a reported 2.3 billion stems of roses were imported into the United States.

In most cases these flowers are packed 8 transported using PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastics which ultimately harm 8 pollute the earth.

By transitioning to Eco Wraps you can make a positive impact in our world by diminishing plastic production 8, waste, as well as reducing carbon gas emissions.


Eco Wraps are customizable in size £ artwork. This sustainable material is available in Bogotá in 175gsm with an 8 week lead time.